Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning is a new initiative that provides every community in England with the opportunity to shape the way its area could be developed in the future. The legislation that guides the process can be found in the Localism Act 2011 Part 6 Chapter 3.

In 2011, Stony Stratford Town Council made a successful bid via MKC for funding towards the cost of a neighbourhood plan for the parish as one of 200 Front runner schemes throughout the country.

The Town Council has established a working group within the community to oversee the preparation of the plan. This working group is made up of representatives of local organisations and interested residents and meets to guide the process.

In due course, the community will be encouraged to contribute its ideas through consultation events and ultimately will have the final say, via a referendum, as to whether the plan should be adopted as the plan for the parish.

This is an opportunity for the first time for communities such as ours to prepare a plan, that having passed a series of tests during the process, must be adopted as planning policy for their area by the local planning authority.

The Town Council and working group encourages all contributions during the process. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Charles Brindley at the Town Council Office.

This section will be updated regularly as the plan is being developed, and articles will be included in the Town Crier

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Neighbourhood Plan Update - March 2015

You will recall that the pre-submission consultation was undertaken in late 2014. The consultation provided a reasonable response with approx 350 returns both using the questionnaire that was posted through every letter box and the on-line survey form.

A summary of the responses can be found at In due course, a detailed response to all comments received will be published on-line.

The steering group is currently working through the responses and will then be recommending any changes that need to be made to the plan prior to its adoption by the Town Council and its subsequent submission to MKC for inspection prior to a local referendum.

If major changes are required to the plan as a result of the consultation, it may be necessary to consult again on those changes. This will become clear over the coming months. If you require any further information, please contact Lynne Compton at the Town Council office.

Further information can be obtained via the Neighbourhood Plan website, or directly from the Town Council office at the usual contact details.

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