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Landscape Maintenance and Associated Services - How To Contact Us

In July 2013, all town and parish councils in the borough were approached by MKC with an offer to take over grass cutting, shrub and low level tree maintenance. After due consideration including a financial appraisal of the offer made, the Town Council decided that it would accept the offer as it felt that local control of these services would ensure that the present service would be improved and some areas of planting could be regenerated with the funds offered.

A full tendering process has been completed for the provision of the services and after careful consideration of the tenders received, the Town Council, at a special meeting in February, agreed to award a 3 year contract for the provision of services in the parish to Marcus Young Landscapes, a locally based company specialising in landscape maintenance. This new contract started on 1 April 2014 for an initial three year period and is funded in its entirety by a grant from MKC – there is no cost to you, as Council Tax payers, from the parish precept.

This contract will provide services on estates, our open spaces and play areas. The Parks Trust will still be responsible for the maintenance of their portfolio of land, notably around the riverside adjacent to grid roads and MKC will still be responsible for mowing of grass verges on grid roads and Queen Eleanor St.

The Town Council will retain links with MKC to ensure that service issues reported to them that relate to these contracted works are passed on to the Town Council for action. A technical support contract will also be let to ensure that liaison between the Town Council and the contractor resolves issues in a timely manner.

Having awarded this contract, Robert Gifford, Chair of the Council, said "Taking over the landscaping contract offers the town an exciting opportunity. During the consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan, people told us that the quality of the environment and green space was a real asset for our area. This now gives us a chance to work with residents to maintain and enhance this important resource."

On hearing of his successful tender, Marcus Young - Managing Director of Marcus Young Landscapes Ltd said “On behalf of all my team I would like to announce that we are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded the contract for Landscape Maintenance and Associated services and look forward to working in partnership with Stony Stratford Town Council over the next 3 years. We shall be working closely with the council to ensure that we fulfil their vision and aspirations to improve the landscaped areas within Stony Stratford, Galley Hill and Fullers Slade.”

To report comments/queries/complaints about the landscaping works, please contact the Town Council using email address Alternatively, please phone the Town Council office on: 01908 566726.

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