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Stony Stratford in Bloom thanks all the businesses, groups and individuals who sponsored us in the last gardening year. Obviously our largest source of funding comes from the Town Council, which has been a generous supporter of Stony Stratford in Bloom from the outset. Stony Stratford Business Association, through its willingness to buy new, more sustainable hanging baskets for the High Street, has also provided substantial financial support for the Stony Stratford in Bloom project. The Futures Group have funded wooden benches and information boards at many locations about town.

Planter Sponsors

Stony Stratford in Bloom has benefited from another important source of sponsorship – that of the planters – £100 for each – given by individual businesses and groups. Last year’s planter sponsors were:

  • Calcutta Brasserie – an Indian restaurant at the north end of the High Street (www.calcuttabrasserie.co.uk; 7 St Paul’s Court, High Street; 01908 566577)
  • Connolly Accountants (www.connolly.co; 58 High Street; 01908 264422)
  • D.W. Roberts – Optometrists (www.dwroberts.co.uk; 16 High Street; 01908 562355)
  • Green Thumb Lawn Services – which gives part of its sponsorship by treating the grass near Stony in Bloom’s sensory beds and Millenniuim Beds, keeping them looking healthy and free of weeds (www.greenthumb.co.uk/milton-keynes; 01327 810185)
  • Hobby Fish – for fish tanks, ponds and marine aquariums (www.hobbyfish.net/; on the A5 north of the Old Stratford roundabout; 01908 543210)
  • Kate Davies Graphic Design – whose sponsorship comes in kind with her creative design expertise (www.kdgd.co.uk; 75 High Street; 01908 566930)
  • Lesley Arkin, Opticians – 6–7 Cofferidge Close, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1BY,; 01908 567672
  • Morgan Gilder – Interiors and Furniture Specialists (http://www.morgangilder.co.uk; 14 High Street; 01908 568674)
  • Myra Tiffin Dance Studio – High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1AE,; 01908 635121
  • Paddy Marshall, The Vet Centre – 5 Furtho Court, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes MK19 6A,; mobile 07772043789
  • Prestige Lawns; Artificial Grass – 21 Towcester Road, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes MK19 6AH; 01908 563049
  • Re:Love Fashions – Now relocated to Towcester:
  • Stratford Arcade – whose shops provide those extra luxuries for life:
    • Back to the Fuchsia – Flowers and plants (www.backtothefuchsia.biz; Now moved to Timor Court; 01908 939118)
    • Hair Masters – Traditional barbers (www.hairmasters-stonystratford.co.uk; Stratford Arcade, 75 High Street; 01908 260996)
    • The Card Box – (Stratford Arcade, 75 High Street; 01908 260467)
  • Watling Street Lodge
  • Wolverton and Stony Stratford Rotary Club – which has not only sponsored a planter, but also contributed the wonderful array of crocuses at the south end of London Road and a new bed on Wolverton Road  (www.wolvertonrotary.freeserve.co.uk)

Business and Community Sponsors

Acorn Nurseries of Emberton (www.acorn-mk-nurseries.co.uk) have provided prizes for our Golden Garden Awards, and Skills Art Supplies (www.skillsartmaterials.co.uk), the prizes for the Stony Stratford in Bloom children’s art competition.

The attractive and informative notices that describe and explain the Stony Stratford in Bloom projects that are to be seen around the town were designed and produced by Stuart Freestone of Freestone Creative (www.freestonecreative.co.uk; The Old Pump House, Calverton Road; 01908 265656). Freestone and Ray Cobley also look after the Calverton Road Millennium Bed, just outside the entrance to the Old Pumphouse.

Karen Parker judges the photographs for Stony Stratford in Bloom’s AHA competition. Visit her website at www.karenparkerphotography.co.uk/. She has also provided plants and seeds.

Dominic Harris of Manor Drives has rotavated the ground free of charge on a number of our projects.

Healthmatic have supplied and maintain the hanging baskets at the public toilets.

Mike Webb of Greenfields Landscaping Ltd (www.greenfieldsltd.info; www.ratedpeople.com/profile/greenfields-landscaping; 078255 50654; 01908 564996) is assisting with a new project on Galley Hill.

Kevin O’Brien (Building Contractor; 01908 560374; 07901 904793; kevinobrien1@btconnect.com) has dug out the willow trees and briar to form a wetland area in the Wolverton Road Recreation Ground.

Michelle Parsons Director (Catering Manager), Essence Catering Ltd has sponsored plants and compost for school gardening sessions.

Brittons Nurseries, at Stony Stratford Market, have provided Stony Stratford in Bloom with half-price plants on a number of occasions.

David Odell has provided vans and manpower for changeover days.

Mason Edwards, Graphic Designer, has designed and sponsored the Stony Stratford in Bloom banner and provided designs for possible signage for the town.

Roddy Cleneghan designed the Stony Stratford in Bloom Walk leaflet.

The Greek Orthodox Church provides the Swinfen Harris Hall free of charge for our Sponsors’ party.

The Woodstock Artisan Bakery has provided bread for our Sponsors’ party.

Finally, Milton Keynes Council Landscaping Department has done a great deal for the town to help us in our Britain in Bloom Campaign.


We’d also like to thank residents who’ve responded generously to our pleas for donations at our various events: and The Literary Circle and Stony Words for donating £227 from their literary talk and the Literary Quiz.

Individual Sponsors

Lynda Cantor MBE
Ray Cobley
Ron and Eileen Cox
Jessie Griffiths
Joan Mehrtens
Roy and Maggie Nevitt
Bill and Philippa Prescott
Mary Robinson and Robin Nichols
Mary Sarre
Peter Waterman and Alison Leighton

Stony Stratford in Bloom Committee

Judy Deveson, Chair
Ray Cobley, Joint Vice-Chair
Pat Kyd, Joint Vice-Chair
Jan Brunwin, Joint Treasurer
Mary Robinson, Joint Treasurer
Ross Ellens, Honorary Auditor
Mary Sarre, Horticultural Advisor
Derek Gibbons, Posters and Social Media
Robin Kyd, Website Manager

Non-office holders on the Stony Stratford in Bloom Committee

Yvette Dalal
Brenda Dunlop
Mason Edwards
Anne Emel
Zena Flinn
Val Geddes
Susan Haynes
Anne Lambley
Kathy Luff
Louise Reidy
Pat Thurling
Geraldine West
Gill Williams


Mick Allsopp, Jenny Anderston, Jan Brunwin, Sue Bryant, Mary Cater, Nicki Chapman, Linda Clark, Penny Clarke, Ann and Ray Cobley, Mike Cooper, Ron Cox, Yvette Dalal, Muriel De Grey, Judy Deveson, Felicity Drouet, Brenda Dunlop, Mason Edwards, Anne Emel, Lynn Finnegan, Zena Flinn, Val Geddes, Derek Gibbons, Susan Haynes, Laura Hills, Daphne Jones, Lesley Keck, Lesley King, Pat Kyd, Anne and Julian Lambley, John and Kathy Luff, Gary Marshall, Len Mason, Jenny Mercer, Jane Mowbray, Aileen Nabarro, Roy and Maggie Nevitt, Robin Nichols, Karen Parker, Jenni Pratt, Anne Ratcliffe, Mary Robinson, Mary and Phil Sarre, David Stanley, Sue Starr, Gill Thompson, Pat Thurling, Keith Tilley, Theresa Wedderburn, Alain Welch, Geraldine West, Yvonne and Brian White, Gill Williams, Bridget Wythe

‘Adopt a Piece of Garden’ Vounteers for maintenance

Bluebell Wood – Kathy Luff and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

‘Four Seasons Garden’ (Calverton Road/Augustus Road) – Mary and Phil Sarre and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

Calverton Road/Ousebank Way – Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers and Mr Budd

FS Bed, Slade Lane, Fullers Slade – Geraldine West and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

Galley Hill Beds – Val Geddes and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

King George’s Crescent – Stony in Bloom volunteers and Residents

London Road/Hale Avenue – Jan Brunwin and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

London Road Millennium Bed – Anne and Julian Lambley

Millennium Stone Area in High Street, cutting grass – Mary Robinson and Robin Nichols

NAG Bed – Ron Cox

Ostlers Lane Millennium Bed – Gill Williams and Ron Cox

Ousebank Way Bed – Brenda Dunlop and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

Polytunnel – Jan Brunwin, Mary Cater, Ray Cobley, Yvette Dalal, Judy Deveson, Brenda Dunlop, Pat Kyd, Kathy Luff, Anne Ratcliffe, Dave Stanley, Alain Welch

Queen Eleanor Brownies’ Garden – Val Geddes and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

Queen Eleanor Garden, North End – Ray Cobley, Robin Nichols, Mary Robinson

Ron’s Rose Bed, Vicarage Road – Ron Cox and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

Wolverton Road Millennium Bed – Judy Deveson, Pat Kyd

Wolverton Road Recreation Ground Beds – Wolverton Road end: Derek Gibbons and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers; Magdalene Close end: Ron Cox, Robin Nichols, Mary Robinson and other Stony Stratford in Bloom volunteers

‘Adopt a Planter’ Volunteers for maintenance

Calverton Road – Mary Sarre

Wesleys Tree – Kathy Luff

Silver Street – Mary Sarre

Petal Planter in Market Square – Felicity Drouet

Stony Stratford Roundabout (Wolverton Road) – Pat Kyd

High Street, 110 and 126 – Mary Robinson

Planter opposite Odells – Jenni Pratt

Two Planters outside Library – Judy Deveson

School sessions

Queen Eleanor School – Judy Deveson, Lin Dawes

Russell Street School – Zena Flinn, Susan Haynes

St Mary & St Giles School – Carolin Russell (Coordinator), Mary Cater, Yvette Dalal, Judy Deveson, Brenda Dunlop, Pat Kyd, Anne Lambley, Mary Sarre

Library Displays

Anne Emel

More Help Please!

Stony Stratford in Bloom is made up of volunteers and is entirely dependent on donations for its continued work for Stony Stratford, Fullers Slade and Galley Hill. Anyone who would like to be part of Stony Stratford in Bloom, either as a volunteer worker or by making a financial contribution, however large or small, please make contact via the Town Council Office, The Library, 5–7 Church Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1BD – Telephone 01908 566726 – email: office@stonystratford.gov.uk

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